Cool Chick of the Week: Donna Nicholson

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Name: Donna Nicholson

Birthday: September 1st.  I won’t say the year because, yeah, it was a while ago.  Haha!

From: Born in San Jose, CA and currently living in Reno, NV.  We’ll be heading back to California soon.  What can I say?  I love California, it’s a pretty amazing place to live and I’m more than ready to go back home.

Ethnicity: A cool AND fiery mix:  English, Welsh, Spanish, and Italian.

Background: I was shy when I was young.  I’m not shy at all now, so it’s hard to believe that I once was afraid to tell a waiter what I wanted to eat. I didn’t get into a lot of trouble growing up, I was a good kid.  I did alright in school, I was a Girl Scout. Typical stuff.  Then, one day when I was eight a friend of my parents had us over for dinner. They didn’t have kids, so naturally I was bored.  They decided they’d hook up their Pong console so I could play.  It wasn’t even an Atari!  It was the console that ONLY had Pong on it.  That was the day I became a gamer.

Yes, that’s Donna’s Tattoo :D

Career info:   As far as video gaming goes, back in 2003 I opened a local business hosting LAN parties and it did well for a few years.  After a while, business slowed down and we were forced to close our doors.  Four years later I decided I wanted to get active in the community again so I, along with my friends Chelle and Alicia, started a video gaming podcast called “Pink and Deadly.”  We had a lot of fun, and we did very well. One of my proudest moments was when we became the number one podcast in the “Games and Hobbies” category on iTunes in the UK.  After a while my co-hosts had to move on.  Without them I didn’t want to continue the podcast, it just wouldn’t have been the same, so the “Pink and Deadly” podcast ended. The website is still around, but it’s not active.  Chelle and I did a reunion show that was well-received, and we plan on doing more.

While I was busy with Pink and Deadly I decided to apply for the Frag Dolls Cadette Academy and was thrilled to be selected for the Spring, 2010 class.  I met a lot of amazing people during that time and that’s where things really starting taking off for me and my career.  The Frag Dolls truly changed my life. Toward the end of my tenure as a Cadette I started working  I’m currently working for them as a Community Manager and co-host of their gaming podcast “Digital High.”  I’m still active with the Frag Dolls as well.  It’s so much fun it doesn’t feel like work!

At one point, Donna had the number 1 Podcast on UK iTunes

Hobbies: Video games, reading, and travel.

Pets: I have three dogs.  A Jack Russell Terrier named Halo (after the video game), a sweet Jack Russell mix (named Ratchet, after everyone’s favorite Lombax, Ratchet, from Ratchet & Clank) and a Border Collie mix named Bella. She is NOT named after the Twilight character!

Ass to Ass!

Pet peeves:  Rudeness, closed-mindedness, and intolerance.

Favorite foods: Ethiopian.  Yes, I know the jokes about Ethiopian food being an oxymoron, but it is AMAZING.  I also love Indian, Thai, and Mexican food.

Favorite movies:  The Shawshank Redemption, Tombstone, Pulp Fiction, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Aliens, and Bagdad Cafe

Favorite TV shows: Game of Thrones, of course!  I enjoyed Homeland. I’m also a bit of a cartoon freak.  I love Archer, American Dad!, and Family Guy. I was a hardcore fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I have all the seasons on DVD.  I met James Marsters — he played Spike —  at San Diego Comic Con. It rocked. He complimented my hair!  I was squealing on the inside, but kept cool on the outside.

Favorite books:  Gone with the Wind, Frenchmen’s Creek, The Lords of Discipline.  Pretty much anything EXCEPT romance novels.  Yuck.

Favorite music:  I like everything.  Seriously, I can go to a party and whatever they’re playing I’m going to enjoy on some level.

Favorite tech:  My smartphone is my life.  Without it I would surely die! ;)

Favorite travel place:  Hmmm.  So far it’s either Paris, France or Edinburgh, Scotland.  It’s too hard to pick one!

Favorite games:  Jet Set Radio Future, Batman Arkham City, the Ratchet & Clank franchise, Halo: Combat Evolved, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted 2, and Unreal Tournament 2K4.  I must give honorable mention to Pong — it’s what made me a gamer.

Favorite consoles:  PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Atari 2600, and of course my PC.

Favorite genre:  Shooters, Action-Adventure, Dance, and Sandbox games.

Favorite generation:  Probably the sixth generation — Xbox and PlayStation 2 era.  When a lot of the community were living at home with their parents because they were still kids, I was a young woman living on my own and simply couldn’t afford to play some of the prior generations.  I played some PC games and Gameboy during the gap.  When the Xbox and PlayStation 2 came out, I had money and could, once again, immerse myself into gaming.

Donna with Carlos Ferra who is the voice of Dom in Gears of War and Leonardo Da Vinci in Assassin’s Creed II

Celebrity crush or girl crush?  I adore Paul Rudd.  He’s funny, hot, talented — the whole package.  The character Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, too.  He has the brooding good looks I appreciate.  Girl crush?  Yes, I have one!  Harley Quinn from Batman Arkham Asylum/Arkham City.  I guess I like my girls crazy.  Haha!

Tell us something about you that no one would expect: Let’s see.  I use to date a professional bull rider.  I also modeled in my late teens, early 20′s, and even some in my 30′s.  Ah! This is super cool! My mom’s side of the family moved to the US from Spain and settled the city of Santa Barbara, California.  My family’s name, De la Guerra, is prominent there.  There’s fiestas, plazas, and streets named after us!  I’m very Spanish, though I don’t look it.

Donna with Chris and Kelly Brown from The Married Gamers website/podcast.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself very well established in my career in the gaming industry. Right now my focus is working with the gaming community, so probably something still in that vein.  The Head of Community with a gaming company would be nice, but really as long as I’m working in the industry and actively doing Community Management work, I’ll be happy.  I also plan on doing more traveling in that time.  Hopefully at least three new foreign lands and some new destinations in the US as well.

The Videogame culture is rife with stereotypes. As a woman, do you feel that sometimes you aren’t taken seriously as a gamer?

Sometimes, yeah, I feel that I’m not taken seriously because of my gender. It’s unfortunate because if you look at the statistics from sources like the esa,  42% of all players are women over 18 years of age, and adult women make up more of the gaming population than boys under 17.  We’re serious gamers now, whether we’re good or not, and the views toward us haven’t seemed to change.  I’m not sure why, but we need to make the community aware that there are a lot of women playing, and they’re being owned by us in their favorite games and they don’t even know it.

My Gamer Tag is EvilPixieGrrr, which is obviously feminine. As a result I’m automatically pigeon-holed as a crappy player before a match even starts. I remember one time I was playing Modern Warfare 2 on a team that consisted of a group of guys who all knew each other and I was the one random playing on their side.  A conversation similar to this went down:

Dude Number One:  “She’s not gonna do a f*cking thing.”

Dude Number Two:  “Who?”

Dude Number One:  “Evil Pixie”

By the end of the game our team had won and I was their MVP.  I wanted to smugly yell at them,  “I just led our team to victory, AND I’m probably old enough to by your mother.  SUCK IT!” But I didn’t.  I laughed silently to myself with smug satisfaction.  I should have been taken seriously, and if my Gamer Tag had been ambiguous, I probably would have been.

It’s more than that, though.  Women should be taken seriously whether they play well or not.  We shouldn’t be harassed when we simply want to do what we enjoy.

First in Modern Warfare 2 Deathmatch. Yea, I take her seriously!

Video games seem to be primarily aimed at men but I know plenty of women that play games like Call of Duty, Halo and Gears of War. What do you think developers and publishers can do to help promote and acknowledge their female fans?

I see a lot of women say they’d like a playable female character in all games.  Right now I’m managing the Ghost Recon Future Soldier forums at Ubisoft, and I see requests coming from women for a female Ghost character. It’s important to a lot of female gamers to have the option.

For me, I want developers and publishers to use smart, competent, female characters. I always loved Elena Fisher from Uncharted because she isn’t a dumb ass.  I don’t have a problem if the character is sexy, but make them formidable as well.  That’s not to say that we can’t have a funny, ditz in a game (remember, I have a girl crush on Harley Quinn), but we need balance. So, more characters like Elena please!

Donna and MongoBear from the “K.D. 2.0” podcast

Any advice for other female gamers out there?

Don’t let the jerks keep you from doing what you love.  And when I say “jerks,” realize there are other WOMEN who will mistreat you when you’re playing, too.  If you want to find a good core group to play with, check out the PMS Clan or the Frag Dolls Community Game Nights.  They’re in place to give women a fun and respectful group to play video games with.  You also need to make sure you report anyone who is being abusive to you when you play.  The only way we can change the climate is by making sure there are consequences for bad behavior.  Too often you hear people say that the insults are “part of life” but it’s really bullying, and it shouldn’t be tolerated.  Other than that?  KEEP GAMING!

Keep gaming indeed and keep looking good while you are!

Donna is a pretty cool chick who’s not afraid of anything and you can keep track of what she is up to at the following places:

Twitter: @FragQueen

Thanks Donna! You’re awesome!

TLDR The My IGN Community Podcast Episode 3: Moose Sex

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This week Weezin joins us to talk about moose sex in Skyrim, we announce the winner of the TLDR Podcast Logo contest and let you all know the Mo-Cap-Mon Quote of the Week, what The LadyHales My IGN Community Fraud Detection Unit is all about and I rant on Batman,, wacko fanboys of Zelda and people feeling left out on My IGN. Plus a whole bunch of other shit. It’s a long one but a good one so enjoy!….or not.

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Angry’s Halloween Countdown, Top 31 Horror Movies #12

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Previous Entries:

#31: Magic

#30 Fallen

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#27 Day of the Triffids

#26 Return of the Living Dead

#25 Phantasm

#24 Triangle

#23 Nosferatu

#22 Carrie

#21 Cujo

#20 Bram Stoker’s Dracula

#19 The Silence of the Lambs

#18 American Psycho

#17 Trick ‘r Treat

#16 The Thing

#15 Creepshow

#14 Frailty

#13 Hellraiser

1984 R 92 minutes

Years after being burned alive by a mob of angry parents, child murderer Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) returns to haunt the dreams — and reality — of local teenagers in Wes Craven’s spine-chilling slasher classic. As the town’s teens begin dropping like flies, Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) and her boyfriend, Glen (Johnny Depp, in his big-screen debut), devise a plan to lure the monster out of the realm of nightmares and into the real world.

Robert Englund, Johnny Depp, Heather Langenkamp, Amanda Wyss, John Saxon, Ronee Blakley, Jsu Garcia, Charles Fleischer, Joseph Whipp, Lin Shaye, Joe Unger, Mimi Craven, Jack Shea, Ed Call
Wes Craven
Horror Movies, Cult Horror Movies, Slasher and Serial Killer Movies, Supernatural Horror Movies, Teen Screams
This movie is:
Violent, Exciting, Scary
DVD and Blu-ray

I love A Nightmare On Elm Street. Every time i watch this i think it has a terrific energy and strength running all the way through it. I like the way the film starts with Freddy Krueger making his finger knife glove in his basement, then the music kicks in (what a creepy score) as the first teenager is frantically running around his maze-like Boiler Room in her dream state. Freddy is only hinted at in the shadows or ripping through cloth with his glove and I enjoy the way you can hear animals and creepy noises emitting from all around Tina, as she becomes cornered before Freddy comes out of the shadows. A great opening that sets the tone for the rest of the film.

Tina Grey is played by Amanda Wyss, who is really good in her role for the short time she is in this film. I always remember her character in this film the way I remember the Chrissie Watkins character at the start of Jaws, I think you know what I’m coming too. Tina’s encounter with Freddy in her backyard is one of my favorite moments in the movie. It’s dark, creepy, gritty and there’s blood. Heather Langenkamp is excellent in this film. Shes fairly attractive and gives 100% as Tina’s friend Nancy Thompson who starts to have the same nightmares. My favorite moments with Nancy are mostly her scary encounters with Freddy scored to an energetic music beat by Charles Bernstein. I would say part of the movie’s success is down to his chillingly memorable score. I also love the bathroom scene when Nancy falls asleep, absolutely gross and hilarious at the same time. The thing is, these ‘funny’ moments are actual imaginations of how Freddy wants to prey on his victims before killing them, this is done in this first film with a measured discipline, then you watch The Dream Master and Freddy is basically killing kids while being 100% comic about it. This is the one true Nightmare on Elm Street for me. While some of the lines from Freddy were comedic in this one, they weren’t overdone and it was Freddy’s way of freaking out his victims and playing with them. The rest of the movies just became campy horror comedies appealing to the lowest common denominator where the humor outdid the horror and Freddy was playing to the audience and not the characters in the movie.

Another favorite scene in this film is when Nancy is following Tina’s corpse down the hall in her school (after falling asleep in class) and runs into a prefect women who states ‘Wheres your pass?’ Nancy doesn’t respond in kind, and as she goes running down the hall, the girl reveals herself to be Freddy ‘No running in the hallway’ an eerie moment with a humorous one liner that isn’t overdone and doesn’t distract from the terror.Finally, special mention must go to Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger. This actor’s contribution to the character is 100% superb. I think that Freddy Krueger IS Robert Englund and vice versa, even though a lot of his moments in this film are about injecting a scary visual presence, he also creates a sort of mysteriousness before the film’s revelation of: Who is he? Where does he come from? Why is he doing these things? After the third film of the series, Englund would become a Hollywood star and a horror icon. Rightfully so.A Nightmare On Elm Street is a classic horror thriller and to me is one of the best horror movies ever made.

Ok that shit is just creepy. I don’t even know what to write about it other than this is an amazing score that once you hear the music you never really forget it.

Some facts about A Nightmare On Elm Street!
  • The inspiration for the character of Freddy came from several sources in Wes Craven’s childhood. Fred Krueger was a schoolmate of Craven with whom he had shared a paper route, and who had bullied him for several years. In The Last House on the Left, Craven also used this experience as inspiration, calling the villain Krug. Freddy’s appearance (especially the dirty clothes and hat) was inspired by a hobo who Craven saw staring at him through his window one day when he was ten.
  • Wes Craven’s original concept for Freddy Krueger was considerably more gruesome, with teeth showing through the flesh over the jaw, pus running from the sores, and a part of the skull showing through the head. Make-up artist David B. Miller argued that an actor couldn’t be convincingly made up that way and a puppet would be hard to film and wouldn’t blend well with live actors, so these ideas were eventually abandoned.
  • The scene where Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) is attacked by Freddy in her bathtub was shot using a bottomless tub, which was put in a bathroom set that had been built over a swimming pool. During the underwater sequence, Langenkamp was replaced with stuntwoman Christina Johnson. Langenkamp spent 12 hours in the bath during filming.
  • Wes Craven wrote the script and presented it in 1981 to try to sell it to a major studio, but no one wanted it. He said that “It just flew around” for three years until New Line Cinema picked it up.
  • Freddy Kruger was designed by Wes Craven to be the typical “silent” serial killer such as Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers. But in the sequels Freddy developed a cheeky persona that enabled him to be the black humored villain.
  • The original glove was used in A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge, and was also seen in Evil Dead II. However, when Wes Craven loaned the glove to the _A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors’ set, it was lost, and has never been located since.
  • Over 500 gallons of fake blood were used during the making of the film.
  • The words “Elm Street” are not spoken at all during the movie.
  • This was Johnny Depp’s first film.

11 days to Halloween!

Have you all lost your damned minds?

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What games and movies do you have pre-ordered right now?

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Hello! It’s Sunday and it’s rainy here in New York so I am just sitting around watching some movies and will be playing more Deus Ex today. I still don’t think it’s great but it’s not horrible.

Anyway, it’s rapidly heading into the major game release season as we all know and there are several games(and movies too) that people are anticipating. September is just a few days away and the fall schedule is set and with so many awesome titles coming out I wanted to know what you already know for sure you want and have pre-ordered.

So let’s see what I have waiting for its release date in the coming months.

Not everyone liked Thor but I really did and this will actually be the first Blu Ray I own!

Star Wars Complete Saga of Episode I-VI with 9 discs and over 40 hours of bonus content. I had to get this! I haven’t watched Star Wars in a long time anyway. Probably not since Episode III was in theaters.

How could you NOT pre-order this game? It’s going to be freaking awesome!


I am fairly certain that Skyrim will be my personal game of the year regardless what any websites might pick as theirs. It’s bigger, better, faster, stronger than Oblivion and I expect to be playing it for months.


I’ve had this pre-ordered since 2010 and the night of the VGA’s on Spike TV when they officially revealed the teaser trailer. Without a doubt this is my most anticipated game and I can assure you that it will be my game of the Year for 2012.


So that’s what’s on tap for me but what about you guys? Let me know in the comments what kinda shit you already got pre-ordered to get you through this fall and winter of gaming.




Angry Mr. Bungle Tries CraigsList Dating Week 1

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I need a girlfriend and what better place to find one than on Craigslist?

Let’s take a look at my ad and then I’ll update you guys on my progress throughout the week!

Click on the picture to WHAM! Make It Big



What Were The Must Have Toys When You Were A Kid?

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It’s the weekend so that means – Stupid Questions With Angry!

Today’s question is about toys! No not that dildo under your mattress, but real toys like the kids play with! What ones did  you have to have when you were growing up? I’m not talking about the ones you kept in the package because you were a collector. I mean the real ones you opened and played with because it was fun and you weren’t an asshole yet who valued money over childhood happiness.

Holy crap there were a few for me as a teenager and before but I think I will go with the 2XL.

Little buddy!

The 2Xl was a toy robot thingy that used 8 track tapes to play trivia games, music, tell jokes, stories, and just stupid fun stuff for kids. it was entertaining and educational. There were several different themes of 8 tracks like General Information or one of my favorites, Superheroes.That’s all I actually remember off the top of my head without going to look up other tapes in the series.

That thing was crazy fun!


So tell me about some of the toys you had to have when you were growing up




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